By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 07, 2014
You down with M.O.D.?
© Macall B. Polay

Game of Thrones is still four weeks away but the marketing campaign has been in full swing since, well, since Season 3 faded to black. But this week, that campaign took on a decidedly East Coast/Westeros vibe as tracks began leaking from Catch the Throne, a Game of Thrones–inspired mixtape featuring Common, Wale and Big Boi among others. The GOT audience is about as white as a Targaryen hairdo, so they are attempting to broaden the “multicultural” appeal of a world where most minorities are often portrayed as slaves and barbarians. It seems unlikely that having rappers drop lines like…

will magically turn the makeup of the audience into a college admissions brochure. But it will give us something to listen to besides the theme song on repeat until April 6. If this does take off though, we’d like to put in an early request for Rick Ross to drop a track about big booty Hodor on volume 2.

If you want to hear Big Boi’s “Mother of Dragons” in its entirety, you can check it out below.