Dunkin' Launches New Canned Iced Coffee Drinks

Dunkin's new drinks are a sweet, caffeinated treat.

There is no such thing as too many ways to get your daily coffee fix — and Dunkin' seems to agree.

On Monday, the coffee chain announced its latest collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, bringing a new line of ready-to-drink canned iced coffees to shelves at your favorite retailers. 

Starting today, you can pick up Dunkin's Bakery Series Canned Iced Coffees, available in Brownie Batter Donut, Cake Batter Donut, and Coffee Cake Muffin flavors. All three dessert-inspired drinks are an irresistible combo of Dunkin's iced Arabica coffee, real milk, and cane sugar. (Before you ask for more details, the "Cake Batter" in question is a vanilla cake, while the Coffee Cake delivers some cinnamon sweetness.) 

"We value our loyal Dunkin' customers and wanted to honor their favorite bakery selections in a delicious way that only Dunkin' can do," Brian Gilbert, vice president of Dunkin' retail business development, said in a statement. "Infusing our famous iced coffee with the flavors from our delicious bakery treats, we're delighted to introduce the Bakery Series in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company to provide iced coffee drinkers with a new tasty Dunkin' option."

Dunkin' Iced Coffee Bakery Series

Courtesy of Dunkin'

Each 11-ounce can of Dunkin' Bakery Series Canned Iced Coffee has a suggested retail price of $2.99 and can be found in retailers like Dollar General, Meijer, and Walmart. The one place you can't find them? In Dunkin' stores, but if you're standing in your local Dunkin', you'll have plenty of other options.

This is Dunkin's second chilled coffee announcement in the last few months. In late December, the Massachusetts-based chain said it will launch cold brew concentrates sometime in Spring 2023. Joseph Stanziano, Dunkin's senior vice president and general manager of coffee said that the coffee concentrate was largely for — and because of — "fourth wave" coffee drinkers, who are always trying to get their hands on "convenient solutions to really create and prepare these specialized drinks." 

Since spring officially starts in three weeks, we hope we won't have to wait very long for that drop, but we're pretty sure that a can (or 12) of the Bakery Series iced coffees will keep us going until then. 

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