Ben Affleck Doubles Down on His Love of Dunkin' with a New Commercial

Affleck and Dunkin' are continuing one of the most authentic pairings of a brand and celebrity spokesperson ever.

Ben Affleck in Dunkin's latest ad

Courtesy of Dunkin'

There are plenty of unrelatable aspects of Ben Affleck's life, from his career as a major movie star, to the pair of Academy Awards sitting somewhere in his house, to his high-profile relationships including his marriage to global icon Jennifer Lopez. But probably one of the most relatable aspects of Affleck is his love for and commitment to Dunkin'. Now, the actor has directed and is appearing in another commercial for the coffee and donut chain.

Debuting today, the first Affleck-featuring ad since his stint at the Dunkin' drive-thru in a Super Bowl spot, has Affleck stopping into Dunkin' — like so many of us do each morning — except he's not just there to grab a drink; he's casually showing up to tout the Dunkin' Run campaign. See the full commercial below:

Affleck, showing no hint of sarcasm, jokes that he doesn't do commercials because acting "is an art form." The actor takes the self-deprecation further with the Dunkin' staff confusing him for his longtime writing and producing partner Matt Damon. Whether that's an easy mistake to make or not is up for debate (I don't recall ever seeing paparazzi photos of Matt Damon juggling a tray of Dunkin' coffees, so you'd think Dunkin' employees would know the difference!), but Affleck uses the opportunity to cheekily downplay the achievements of his pal Damon.

For authenticity, the commercial was shot at a Boston-area Dunkin'. In addition to being directed by and starring Affleck, it was also produced in-house by his and Damon's company Artists Equity. If one of the actors behind the counter looks familiar, that might be because Matthew Maher also appears alongside Damon and Affleck in their latest Artists Equity release, Air, the based-on-a-true-story film about Nike landing Michael Jordan for its tentpole sneaker line.

As for what the buzz-worthy commercial itself is actual promoting? Dunkin' customers can score a "classic donut for $1, Bagel Minis for $2, or a Sausage Egg and Cheese for $3 with the purchase of any medium or larger coffee," an email from the brand read. Apparently, that's an unmissable deal even if you're as well off as, oh I dunno... Ben Affleck.

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