By Zach Brooks
Updated September 19, 2014

Stella Mozgawa is best-known as the drummer for the awesome band Warpaint, but Los Angeles restaurant-goers may also know her from the menu at Sqirl. That’s where her good friend chef Jessica Koslow named a vegan brown rice bowl after her.

We caught up with Mozgawa right before one of the band’s atmospheric set to find out what five items she’d love to find each night in her dressing room.

1. Brussels sprouts. “The ones I’m eating right now from American Grilled Cheese Kitchen (in San Francisco), or just any really good roasted brussels sprouts would be amazing. I like the sweet ones, but I also like the tangy ones with a balsamic glaze.”

2. Sashimi plate from Swan Oyster Depot in San Francisco. “It comes with albacore, scallops, salmon, tuna and maybe mackerel. All thinly sliced, raw and extremely fresh with olive oil, lemon, a little bit of salt, capers and onions. The only other fish I’ve had that comes to close was at a place called Ceviche, in Madrid.”

3. A Negroni from Bar Stella in Los Angeles. “It makes me feel like an adult to drink something that’s kind of disgusting to some people. ‘Yeah, I’m grown up now! I can drink this shit.’ So I’d take a really well-made Negroni, brought to me by a really pretentious mixologist in a lab coat.”

4. Walnut miso mushroom udon from Koya in London. “It’s a hot udon soup with kinoko mushrooms, the really thin ones. And you can have it with a slow-poached egg as well, which I always do. And tempura flakes. The broth is so good without anything, but they bring you this little plate of miso with crushed walnuts and you put in as much or as little as you want. I have to get it every time I go to London.”

5. Macadamia nut milk flat white from G&B in Los Angeles. “The flat white is the ultimate coffee choice for snobs from Sydney. There are very few places that make it in America, but a few places have caught on in L.A. It’s two shots of espresso and half the milk that you’d put in a latte—so it’s in a much shorter cup—and then the micro-foam, which is the velvety under-foam that you get when you steam milk. At G&B they make it with macadamia nut milk, which is a step above the original hipster almond milk thing from two years ago.”