Credit: © Abbott

If you have never had children under the age of 8, you may not be familiar with Pedialyte. The drink replaces electrolytes and prevents dehydration in the infant to pre-tween set. But now Pedialyte’s makers are after a new, more mature customer base that, come Sunday morning, will probably include you. That’s right; Pedialyte would like you to know that it can totally kill your hangover. According to Abbott Laboratories, which makes Pedialyte, more adults than ever are drinking their product, and one of the main reasons the new drinkers cite is hangovers. Abbott has responded to those increases by adding what they say are more adult-friendly flavors, like strawberry lemonade. Abbott also started pushing out a new advertising campaign featuring some very hungover people finding solace in a bottle of Pedialyte.

Abbott might not want to get too excited just yet. NPR’s Marketplace put Pedialyte to the test, and the adults who tried it didn’t seem too enthused about making it a regular part of their weekend routine.

As for us, we will continue to stick to more delicious hangover cures.