By Noah Kaufman
Updated September 24, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of The Mighty Mug

One of the predictable problems with an evening that involves one drink too many is spillage. Red wine on your shirt, beer on the floor, a martini down your pants (maybe that was just an accident we had once). But a company claims they have wine, beer and cocktail glasses that will never cause you to befall such embarrassment again.

Mighty Mug got into the untippable cup game last year when they launched a coffee mug to stop all the keyboard-destroying times people knocked over their morning coffee before they had a chance to consume the requisite amount of caffeine to gain full control over their bodily movements. But on a new Kickstarter campaign (where else?), they now have a full set of barware.

The trick to the cups’ stability is the vacuum they create when put on a smooth, solid surface. An improvement over less reliable cup-holding methods like suction cups, the vacuum releases when the cup is lifted straight up.

And the world seems just as excited about the barware as Mighty Mug itself. In just a few days, the campaign raised almost $20,000 (they had to meet a goal of only $5,000 to start producing the barware).

The cups—a more appropriate term than “glasses,” since they’re actually made of Tritan plastic—come as rocks, pint, pilsner and wine stems. If you want to pick up a set, or you just want to see a truck run over and fail to break them, you can find all that over at the Mighty Mug Kickstarter page.