By Joey Skladany
Updated November 14, 2016
Credit: © Instagram/@robustenergies

Political affiliation aside, we can all agree that alcohol was the real winner last week. Online alcohol delivery service Drizly saw an 86% jump in order volume on Election Day with hard liquor orders increasing as the night progressed. With emotions frayed and the country divided, it won't be surprising to see a trend of booming booze sales to cope with a changing America.

To numb the pain and give the people what they want, Cleveland's Porco Lounge concocted a world record-breaking 95-gallon daiquiri, complete with the cocktail's signature umbrella.

Using 80 bottles of Appleton Estate rum, simple syrup, lime juice and ice, the tiki bar tasked four mixologists and a team of barbacks to man four 1.5 gallon Vitamixes until the giant Tiki mug was filled.

While the feat is certainly impressive, taking only 38 minutes to complete, it looks like we're going to need a daiquiri that can fit 60 million straws. Who's up for the challenge? We're looking at you, Dubai.