Credit: © Tara Moore/Getty Images

Ever wonder which city in the United States has the best tap water? The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition believes they have the answer, and you should trust them: They are the self-described “Academy Awards of water” – though they weren't able to convince Chris Rock to host this year.

The annual event was held for the 26th time on Saturday, February 27 in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia—a town known throughout the world as “Oh, I thought you were talking about Berkeley, California.” Billed as the “largest water tasting competition in the world,” the BSIWT handed out awards in five categories: municipal water, bottled water, sparkling, purified drinking water and (yawn) packaging.

Best municipal water in the US (which I guess is the equivalent of Best Picture?) went to Eldorado Springs, Colorado. However, the small community of around 600 people wasn’t able to also haul in the honor for best tap water in the world. That prize went to the neighborhood of Clearbrook in the city of Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada.

So what does it take to bring home top honors? Michael Cervin, one of this year’s ten panelists and a regular who has judged the competition since 2009, spoke about the winning Canadian water, which he awarded his first ever perfect score: “It’s hard to describe, but there is a crisp, clean, pure, authentic taste to this water,” he told Munchies.

As for the event as a whole, the competition’s watermaster, Arthur von Wiesenberger, said, “It was another wonderful year for the longest running and largest water tasting in the world.” At the very least, I’m guessing everyone left well-hydrated.