By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 28, 2015
© iStockphoto

Consider it a case of old-school meeting new-school to create a school all its own: The country that put whiskey on the map has combined with the country that has been winning modern whiskey awards left and right, and now the world has what’s being called its first ever Scottish-Japanese whiskey.

Called “The Glover,” the product, which was simultaneously unveiled in both Aberdeen and Tokyo, is a blend of whiskey from Japan’s Hanyu Distillery and Scotland’s Adelphi Distillery, with just an “added a drop of whisky from Glen Garioch Distillery in homage to Thomas Glover's home in Aberdeenshire, to complete the flavor profile,” according to Alex Bruce, managing director of Adelphi, the company that blended the whiskey.

Thomas Blake Glover became the whiskey’s namesake because of his history with the two countries: According to the Herald Scotland, Glover was “born in Fraserburgh and raised in Aberdeen but left Scotland for Japan at an early age” where he would become “the first foreigner to receive the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese Emperor in recognition of his achievements.”

The whole concept was devised by Scotland’s Jim Miller, who has a history of promoting the relationship between the two countries. “This whisky is an excellent way of acknowledging the life of Thomas Blake Glover and celebrating our important relationship with Japan, which continues to flourish, especially in the fields of trade, culture and education,” he said.

When you drink as much awesome whiskey as these people do, it’s important to give yourself as many reminders of things as possible, lest you forget in a drunk haze.