By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 03, 2016
© Ryan McGinnis/Getty Images

If you ever find yourselves needing to store 300,000 liters of wine in one location, look no further than Château Puech Haut in France’s Languedoc region. The estate claims they are now home to the world’s largest wine barrel – one that can hold enough wine for you to drink a bottle every day for over 1,000 years.

The barrel, made by a local carpenter, is about 40 feet long, nearly 20 feet in diameter and weighs 40 tons, 37 tons of which is oak. At a size like that, it’s probably not a surprise that the estate owner, Gerard Bru, says that this wine barrel won’t actually hold any wine – except for the bottles that will be sold out of it. Bru plans to use the barrel as an event space and possibly a wine shop.

Though a 300,000-liter wine barrel may sound impressive, The Drinks Business points out that feats like this have quite a history in France. In what is probably an even more incredible story, way back in 1887, Eugene Mercier and his eponymous Champagne house not only filled a 200,000 liter barrel, he also used 24 oxen and 18 horses to have it towed to Paris. Once, it arrived, I’m guessing everyone went for a swim. Either that or they just got really drunk.

That huge barrel, which previously held the largest barrel record, is still on display at the Mercier winery. Sadly though, the two barrels are over 450 miles apart, making your whole “world’s largest wine barrel winery tour” probably a bigger hassle than its worth.