By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 23, 2016
Credit: Facebook/

How many likes did your last Facebook post get? If it’s fewer than 40,000, maybe you need to take a cue from April Storey’s social media plan.

Back on December 31, the self-proclaimed “mom and health educator" posted a video of her “Wine Workout” to Facebook. The tongue-in-cheek workout featured arm exercises that use wine bottles as weights and push-ups with wine sips from a straw between each rep. A clip of the video was then shared to the Once Upon a Wine Facebook community, where it’s gone on to rack up over 18 million views, nearly 240,000 shares and the aforementioned 40,000 likes.

People caught up with the new social media darling who said she was “shocked” by the response. “[I] love wine, and wine in moderation is okay, so I came up with the idea on New Year’s Eve after we had bought some wine to go over to our friend’s house,” she told the magazine. “The initial idea of it was that you can use anything in your house to work out, whether it’s soup cans or wine bottles.” Notice, however, that it wasn’t a video of soup can curls that’s got 18 million views. I’d file that under “not a coincidence.”

Alas, the social landscape can be fickle, and Storey’s follow-up wine fitness video posted last week in honor National Wine Day has only garnered about 1,000 views. I guess if you’ve seen one replace-your-dumbbells-with-wine-bottles video you’ve seen them all—and have pretty much gotten the gist of the entire regimen.

Still, regardless of whether Storey can parlay the Wine Workout into future success, she’ll always be able to say that for at least one moment she was the most notable lush on the fitness circuit.