By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 28, 2015
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What wine are you planning to serve at your next classy dinner party? Why not pick up a bottle of Lesizza Gold 22K – a wine packed full of 22-karat edible gold flakes? Did I mention it’s from the famed vineyards of Slovenia?

Lesizza isn’t a joke; it’s an Indiegogo campaign. Egon and Susana Lesizza from Dobrovo, Slovenia, are trying to raise $35,000 to make their dream of having their own gold-filled private label wine a reality. Though maybe if they took all that gold and invested into their company instead of pointlessly shoving it into their wine, they wouldn’t need an Indiegogo campaign.

The pair describe Lesizza Gold 22K, which comes in both a Chardonnay and a rosé , as “the magnificent fusion of elegance, taste and exclusivity … a high quality wine with a great aroma and flavor combined with 22-karat edible gold” – tasting notes almost as vague as the benefits of having edible gold in your wine.

According to a press release, the wines are produced by “the biggest wine factory in Slovenia, founded in 1957” in the country’s Gonska Brda region. Assuming the couple meets their goal by August 13th, the funds will be put towards marketing and promotion.

But here’s the biggest problem with the Indiegogo campaign: You can’t even buy any wine through it. The rewards include things like a $15 signed postcard (great value!), a $50 T-shirt (it’s like they’re giving these away!) or a $75 invite to a tasting event. Those who really can’t get enough luxury can also fork over big cash for things like a $750 VIP limo tasting party or a $1,000 VIP yacht party in Cancun. No one said luxury was cheap. Irony, however, is completely free.

Unsurprisingly, a week into their campaign, Lesizza has raised just $46. Hey, you can buy a decent bottle of White Burgundy for that kind of money – no gold flakes needed.

[h/t Eater]