By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 13, 2016
wine fridge hack
Credit: © iliketweet

If you’re willing to throw down enough dough, your refrigerator can come with some pretty cool features: ice maker, temperature-controlled compartments, even a touchscreen display. But one thing you’re unlikely to come across is a built-in wine dispenser – that is, unless you’re a goddamn genius.

A young English woman by the name of Clare has gone insanely viral over the past couple days with what seems like a simple and somewhat obvious life hack: dumping white wine into her refrigerator’s water dispenser to turn it into a chilled wine dispenser. Since tweeting a couple images of the boozy discovery on December 11, her wino’s dream has been retweeted over 67,000 times and counting – and has certainly inspired at least a few people to take a long, fresh look at just how their fridge’s water dispenser operates.

Clare’s journey to internet fame began when she and her boyfriend Joe got a new refrigerator for their new house. “We ordered the fridge and Joe said it came with a wine cooler section and I said, ‘Or we could put it in the water dispenser,’” she told BuzzFeed. “It seemed to make perfect sense.” After successfully experimenting with turning water into wine, the couple has since put the dispenser back to its usual use. “We finished off the bottle and washed it out so it’s back to water now,” she said. “Not sure if it would work if you left it for a while, though.”

Notably, just how well this life hack will work for you depends on how your refrigerator’s water dispenser works. For instance, not all water dispensers can be filled manually which will make turning yours into a draft wine line much more difficult without some technical knowhow. And as Clare points out, a big water tank probably isn’t the best way to keep your white wine tasting its freshest over the long haul.

Still, the excitement surrounding Clare’s tweet could potentially have benefits for society as a whole. “I can’t believe people haven’t done it before,” she told BuzzFeed. “It’s definitely something fridge manufacturers should add in.” Though, for the record, keeping a spouted box of wine inside your fridge is pretty much the same thing.