Credit: © Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Will Ferrell has returned to the city that made him famous – in the form of a bar! A couple of big fans of the Saturday Night Live alum have opened a bar in New York City’s Lower East Side that serves as an unauthorized tribute to the comedian, with everything about the establishment taking on a Ferrell theme.

The bar, both aptly and ironically named “Stay Classy New York,” is currently open in its preview phase, with a grand opening scheduled for October 25. Patrons are greeted with walls covered in all sorts of Will Ferrell artwork – from your standard Talladega Nights poster to things like an interpretive painting of Zoolander’s Mugatu. The drink menu also has a Will Ferrell twist, from slightly complicated drinks like the “Smelly Pirate Hooker” – which is basically a jalapeno margarita – to more obvious offerings like “The F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer” – which is simply sangria.

Stay Classy already has big plans to host events and theme nights. They’re planning an Anchorman-themed Halloween party and an Elf event for Christmas time. Movie nights also appear to be on the horizon. Hopefully a Will Ferrell pub quiz is not too far behind.

According to NY’s Pix11, the owners haven’t heard from Ferrell yet, but they have dreamed about how they’d like to meet the star. “I’d rather it be like a Tuesday night and its dead in here and he just walks through the door,” said Zach Neil, one of the two visionaries behind the bizarre bar. “That would be better than me reaching out and trying to be like – hey come to the bar. We love you man.”

Something makes me think they’ll eventually get their wish of meeting Will Ferrell. Or at least a few of his lawyers.