Credit: © Pressed Juicery

We may have just found the first weird health-food trend of the summer: charcoal. Pressed Juicery just released two new limited-edition juices, available through June 30. One features spinach, romaine, parsley, coconut water and activated charcoal. Fortunately it is not pitch black because that would be just a bit too creepy.

The stuff that cooks your burgers has already invaded many a beauty regimen, and now it’s getting juiced as well. Positive side effects are said to include glowing skin, better breath, improved digestion and easier hangovers. Summer is certainly an excellent time to find a new hangover cure.

So why all the charcoal focus? Kathryn Moos, co­founder of VROU Water, a woman’s health and wellness brand, told us: “Trends come and go, and I think this one has become popular because it’s edgy and has a certain wow factor. When the common person hears charcoal, they think of barbecuing in the summer, not 'Let's eat or drink it!'”

Moos did note that the effects of charcoal will only make a difference if it can flow freely through the body. So if you’re trying out the charcoal trend for the first time, make sure to drink a lot of water (and not just beer).