By Aly Walansky
Updated May 27, 2016
Credit: © Tetra Images/Getty Images

We’ve all had those nights where we have a drink (or three) at happy hour without eating and barely lived to tell the story. And with a long holiday weekend upon us, we’re facing the distinct possibility of drinking too much without eating.

And while pretty much everyone knows that’s a bad idea, the BBC went in depth (and inside a human being) to look at why it’s important to line your stomach before imbibing.

The video below details the issues with drinking on an empty stomach, but a warning for any squeamish viewers, there is an interior shot of someone’s stomach.

In the video, Natalie and Javid drank the same quantity of wine, but Natalie had not eaten any food. Just minutes later, Natalie ended up scoring double on a breathalyzer, and these results stayed higher a half hour and an hour later as well.

The moral is something we’ve long known but chosen to ignore: Alcohol hits us fast and hard if we do not line our stomach with food. Keep this in mind and go for those free nuts at the bar tonight – it may lead to less regrets this weekend!