Packed with umami flavors and yet somehow refreshing, the Michelada is the perfect game day drink.
Michelada Gingembre

A Michelada is an entire Super Bowl snack spread packed into one cocktail: There's beer (a football-watching necessity). There's hot sauce (a requisite condiment for nachos, tacos or hot wings). Occasionally there's tomato (think ketchup for fries or tomato-based barbecue sauces). And there's salt (is there anything that isn't salty when it comes to Super Bowl snacking?). Plus, like any good game day spread, Micheladas are easily customizable. Here, our favorite recipes for the zingy beertail.

1. Michelada
Though it's often made with pilsner (a light, hoppy beer), mixologist Joaquin Simo prefers to use a dark, malty brew in his take on a Michelada.

2. Vodka Micheladas
In cookbook author Georgia Pellegrini's take on a Michelada, she swaps spicy homemade jalapeno-infused vodka for the beer. She says, "Good things are meant to evolve."

3. Damian Windsor's Michelada
"You can make Micheladas with tomato or Clamato juice—everyone has a preference," says Damian Windsor. He makes his version of the Mexican classic with tomato.

4. Spiked Mango Michelada
A shot of tequila and a spiced rim give this cool, frothy Mexican beer cocktail a nice kick.

5. Michelada Gingembre
Fresh ginger juice makes this spritzy drink extra refreshing.