By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 14, 2015
© Adam G. Gregor / Alamy

When a report says that a glass of wine can be good for you, we’ve often come to assume that it’s talking about red wine. That’s how much good press red wine, with its mighty resveratrol and whatever other compounds might be hiding in there, has gotten. But a new article from The Washington Post cites two studies that suggest wine lovers shouldn’t give up on their occasional lust for a glass of white just yet.

In one study, presented at a European Society of Cardiology meeting last year, researchers found that people who supplemented a regular but modest exercise regimen with wine of either color saw a notable improvement in their cholesterol.

A second study, published this week from a group in Israel, asked participants with type-2 diabetes to partake in the Mediterranean diet while also drinking a glass of either red wine, white wine or water with dinner every day for two years. Though only red wine was shown to improve heart and cholesterol health, both red and white benefited glucose control in some patients. Researchers also noted that both types of wine improved sleep quality.

So though red wine still appears to be the king of healthy wines, the studies suggest that maybe white wines shouldn’t be completely ignored. I mean, they shouldn’t be ignored for health reasons. I doubt many of our readers are just ignoring white wines in general: It’s not like warm days and fish entrees suddenly disappeared.