Whiskey Advent Calender
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If candy isn't quite enough to make you have a good time, it may be time to get a more adult kind of advent calendar. The boozy calendar from Drinks by the Dram is back with a different whisky sample for each December day leading up to Christmas. Each bottle is 30mL (about three quarters of a shot), so it's just enough to get you ready for your real Christmas drinks.

You may remember the calendar from last year, but this year's lineup is totally new. Along with the Whisky Advent Calendar, there's also a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar, which includes samples of whiskies from, amongst others, Highland Park and The Macallan that cost up to £600 (about $740) per bottle, as well as an Old and Rare Whisky Advent Calendar, with whiskies up to 60 years old. Hell, there's even a Very Old and Rare Whisky Advent Calendar, with samples of whiskies worth up to £19,000 (about $23.4 thousand) per bottle.

If these calendars don't suit your particular taste, Drinks by the Dram offers eight other, more specialized kinds of whisky advent calendars: bourbon, scotch, boutique-y whiskies, Glenfarclas whiskies, single cask, Japanese whiskies, Irish whiskeys, and American whiskeys. By the way, if it looks weird to you that Drinks by the Dram is spelling it whisky, it's a cultural thing. Whiskey is the spelling commonly used in America and Ireland, while the spelling whisky usually indicates that the drink is from or inspired by Scotland.

If whisk(e)y just isn't your drink, no sweat - you can still have a boozy advent calendar. Drinks by the Dram also offers a variety of gin advent calendars, a rum one, a tequila one, an absinthe one, and more. You can purchase the Whisky Advent Calendar for about $155 here, or you can shop from the Drinks by the Dram collection.