By Noah Kaufman
Updated September 25, 2014
We're doing almost four of these a week. USA! USA! © iStockphoto

You could be forgiven for believing that, as large as we are, the United States must rule when it comes to beer consumption. America now has nearly 3000 breweries, triple the number of any other country in the world (except for Germany), but we only come in 14th for beer consumption. Even mighty Germany doesn’t take the top honor. That would be the Czech Republic.

We know this because for Oktoberfest this year, created an interactive globe with drinking information for every country in the world. They also ID local (if mass) beers for the top 50 beer consuming nations, so if you want to try an Uzbek beer or a Ugandan beer now you’ll know what to look for. Play around with the interactive below and see how closely your beer drinking stereotypes match up with reality.