By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 06, 2015
© Carey Jones

Over the last several months, we’ve seen no shortage of ancient food and drink. The problem is that they have been completely unpalatable or actually inedible, and in either case, totally unavailable to the public. But a bartender with a penchant for aged drinks just made the world’s oldest martini, and not only is it reportedly actually as drinkable as a martini that is not a century old, it’s also available to buy.

Salvatore Calabrese created the antique-tini at his bar, Bound, in Las Vegas last week. It consists of Park and Tilford unfiltered gin from 1900, orange bitters—also from 1900—and Noilly Prat vermouth from 1890. This is far from Calabrese’s first dabbling with hyper-aged liquor. In 2012, he mixed what was, at the time, the world’s most expensive cocktail, made with Cognac from 1788 and curaçao from 1860. That drink sold for a little more than $8,000. Compared to that, the martini is a relative bargain. Though the drink isn’t listed on any menus, the bartender pegged the price at about $1,000 on Twitter last week. According to a release from his London bar at the Playboy Club, it will be available for purchase on April 15 until they run out of the old ingredients.

Anyone daring (and rich) enough to try it, please give a full review in the comments. Just, for the love of all things boozy, don’t order it shaken not stirred.