Credit: © The Patrón Spirits Company

Sorry guys, this booze costs more than your butler's monthly salary. You have butlers right? Patrón's new collaboration with French crystal maker Lalique, Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1, is one of the most expensive bottles of Tequila ever produced. This $7500 creation comes in individually blown, carefully crafted, signed decanters inspired by the Weber Blue Agave plant that produces the liquor. There are only 500 bottles of the extra-añejo (translation: aged three years or more in oak), each of which comes in a gem-adorned leather display case as well as a video and leather-bound book about the collaboration. Definitely not the tequila of your college days.

The collaboration comes out of Patrón's "Art of Patrón" platform, which goes way beyond simply a beautiful and pricey bottle. The initiative presents tequila as more than a quick, easy way to get crazy drunk. Expressed with the line "Sip the tequila. Embrace the lifestyle." Art of Patrón offers tips on how to best drink the liquor, histories of the brand, and recipes on how best to use your Patrón.

Francisco Alcaraz, Patrón’s Master Distiller and the creator of Patrón's original recipe and process, boasts "This is a stunningly beautiful spirit, both inside and out." Emphasis on the out: much of that $7500 goes to the meticulously crafted decanter. Lalique, a 127-year-old glassmaking manufacturer that has previously made art with Damien Hirst and created briefcases with Salvatore Ferragamo, hand carves each bottle's stopper to resemble the heart of the agave, rejects entire bottles if a single bubble is found, and painstakingly oversees each part of the glassmaking process.

Check out a video of the process below or find more information about the project 1 here.