Credit: @bkrnnr

Marn? Mac? Misty? No. It’s Mike.

Starbucks is notorious for severely misspelling people’s names on their coffee orders—so badly that it has become a cause for Instagram celebrations if your barista Sharpies your name even remotely close to what it actually is. But why trudge all the way to one of your 43 local Starbuckses to have someone screw up writing your name on a paper cup when you can have it happen in the convenience of your own home?

What’s My Starbucks Name? is a website dedicated to providing that exact service. You simply answer the question “Can I get a name for your order?” by entering your name (or one of your sly Starbucks aliases—because you don’t need these people knowin’ your business), and this name generator spits out a typically bizarre Starbucksian interpretation.

The site was created by Justin Hook, the same guy who brought us the web-based game Google Feud. Possibly the best part is that far from random guesses or funny speculation, What’s My Starbucks Name? pulls actual images from the Tumblrs Starbucks Spelling and Starbucks Name Fail, so the results are real-life Starbucks's naming madness. And as an added bonus, unlike at a real Starbucks, if you don’t like the way your name is written, you can have the website screw up your name over and over by clicking “That’s not what I ordered.”

Why not waste a few minutes and give it a try? You may actually need a cup of coffee after.