By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 07, 2016
© MBI / Alamy Stock Photo

New Year’s Eve out at the bars and clubs is an absolute mess. We all know that. That’s why once I hit my 30s, I established a new policy: I don’t go out any night of the week when I might encounter someone drunker than I am. (A policy that still allows me to go out many nights of the week.) But few people likely understand the true drunken madness that recently occurred on New Year’s Eve better than the bouncers working on the night of December 31.

To help prove that point, a bouncer at a Canadian bar called Gatsby wore a GoPro last NYE and edited his night’s “greatest hits” (not literally—we never see him get psychical with anyone) into this nine-minute clip of mostly drunken whining. It’s really cold, and people want to really get inside, especially, ironically enough, those who have already been kicked out.

As someone who has been on the wrong side of a bouncer in my life, I can certainly empathize with some of the videos subjects. But as someone who’s never worked as a bouncer (damn these scrawny arms!), it’s interesting to see things from the other side. It unleashes a different type of empathy within me. I think maybe I should go pen some apology letters to some bouncers.