By Amanda Marsteller
Updated June 10, 2015
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Everyone knows that if you’re tearing down the highway on a motorcycle, you’d best be donning a helmet.

With that in mind, students from the Indian Institute of Technology at Banaras Hindu University designed a bike helmet that analyzes the alcohol content of a driver’s breath. As reported by Times of India, the helmet prevents bikers from starting their vehicles if their alcohol level is unsafe.

Referred to as the “Advanced Breath-analyser Helmet,” the invention works with bluetooth encryption technology, directing the vehicle via wireless signal to start or stop as needed. Though it was developed to prevent drunk driving, the helmet could also help reduce the likelihood of motorcycle theft.

The helmet was one of five projects (out of a pool of 67) that made it to the finals in the Ericsson Innovation Awards recently held at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. The awards program is an “open competition for students all over the world that challenges them to develop an idea into an innovation.” The first step? To find a problem and develop a method for how to solve it. Looks like India’s student innovators are one step closer to reducing the occurrence of drunk driving, thanks to one very special helmet.

Learn more about the breathalyzer bike helmet and what it means for safe motorcycle driving—and let’s hope we see it on the road soon.