Credit: © Laughing Stock / Corbis

There are some strange booze laws out there (our heart goes out to anyone in Indiana looking for cold beer), but the confluence of two of the weirder ones might deliver a fortune in rare wine to one of the only businesses that could almost certainly never serve it.

Here’s what happened: Back in 2014, Pennsylvania authorities confiscated almost 2,447 bottles of rare wine worth more than $125,000 from a lawyer named Arthur Goldman. In Pennsylvania, wine can only be sold by state-run liquor stores and police believed that Goldman was selling bottles from his rare collection, so they impounded it. Now a second arcane law dating back to 1952 could send more than half that wine to Chester County Hospital. A subsection of the Pennsylvania code says that if a hospital asks to receive confiscated liquor it can, and Chester County put in a request.

Goldman had already settled in court and got to keep 1,043 bottles of his wine, but the other 1,404 could be headed to the hospital if a judge signs off on the plan. Chester County said it would sell the bottles to raise money, so that seems like it might prevent a stumbling block, since it seems unlikely that a hospital is also a state-licensed liquor store. But we’ll have to wait until September 3 to find out the fate of the pricey wine.

If they aren’t allowed to sell it, maybe they can use it to make a few of their patients happy.

[h/t Reuters]