By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 17, 2016
Credit: © Ikon Images / Alamy

Over the past year or so, the “beer mile” has been a surprisingly popular, and legitimate, sports’ event. To complete it, for those unfamiliar, runners have to chug an eligible 12-ounce beer before every quarter-mile lap – all without vomiting (at least until after the race is complete). Though the whole thing sounds like a drunken fraternity lark, the beer mile has gained the attention of some elite runners, and according to, five people have now broken the once-mythical five-minute barrier.

Now, a few athletes/beer lovers have taken up an even greater challenge: the beer two-mile. Lest you overlook what makes this event so daunting, yes, it is certainly longer, but runners are still required to chug a beer before every lap. A bit of simple math reveals that means you have to drink eight beers to complete a beer two-mile. Keep in mind, eligible beers have to be at least five percent ABV, or the equivalent of a Budweiser. Eight Budweiser is enough beer to ruin some people’s day, let alone doing it over the course of vigorous exercise.

And yet, as Runner’s World reports, as of last week, the world has a new beer two-mile world record, set by Canadian Jim Finlayson, who completed the eight laps in 11 minutes, 39 seconds. And that includes the time it took him to drink eight beers. According to the Cleveland Clinic’s blood alcohol content calculator, that much beer would put a 180 pound person at nearly a 0.2 BAC – or well over twice the legal limit to drive.

Still, despite having 96 ounces of beer in his belly, as you can see in the video of his run, outside of a small break at the start of the final lap, Finlayson completed the challenge with relative ease. Sure, he vomited almost immediately at the end – but the rules don’t have anything against that.

Let’s just hope the madness ends here – meaning no beer 5k’s please. There’s only one legitimate reason to drink 12 beers in one sitting, and that’s to get through a Braves game.