By Noah Kaufman
Updated February 03, 2015

You didn’t expect craft beer to take Budweiser’s slight lying down, did you? If you weren’t watching the Super Bowl on Sunday or you're, you know, one of those weird people who just watches it for the football, you might have missed Budweiser’s attempt to take down the American craft beer movement—which is now opening a new brewery at the rate of one every 16 hours—with a third-quarter commercial.

Budweiser roundly mocked the inclusion of interesting flavors, even attacking the weirdos who might drink a pumpkin peach ale (apparently unaware that technically, they now sell a pumpkin peach ale).

Well, HopStories, a group devoted to telling the stories of craft beer, fired back last night with their own ad, taking aim at certain breweries that might not brew very creatively or with the nicest ingredients.

Now if only someone could take them down for their overuse of adorable dogs. Puppy Bowl, I’m looking at you.