By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 31, 2016
© Xanya69/Getty Images

If you're a fan of hipster bars and/or Instagram, The Darkroom might be your dream come true. Set to open soon on Washington D.C.'s Florida Avenue, this bar will have just about everything a photography geek could want. Not only will the bar have an art gallery and play host to cultural events, but it will also have an actual working darkroom, so you can build your photography portfolio while you're getting buzzed.

According to The Darkroom's liquor license application, the bar will be "a venue dedicated to building community through the art of photography." In keeping with that mission, the venue intends to host all kinds of events—art exhibits, film screenings, talks—to educate people about photography. These events will be "designed to preserve the history and explore the future of the medium."

And since the bar will have its own photography studio and art gallery, you can expect to see a lot of really well-shot photographs of super drunk people. The Darkroom's will also serve charcuterie and cheeses, so you can be artsy and artisanal at the same time.

The bar could easily turn into a major hotspot for D.C.'s photography community. After all, how better to bring creative people together than to get drinks in their hands while they work together? Let's just hope photographers remember to ask themselves whether their work is actually interesting, or it's just the pickleback talking.