Want to Drink Only Half a Glass of Beer and Not Be Made Fun Of? This Half Pint Is for You

Photo: © mediapruk.com / Thumbs Up

Americans aren’t so into the idea of half pints. Though some bars (especially English-style pubs or craft beer bars) serve up half glasses, it’s equally as likely that the bartender might tilt his head and go all confused-dog look on you.

In the UK, however, half pints are completely ubiquitous. Maybe it’s because British pints are actually larger—20 ounces compared to America’s paltry 16 ounces—so half pints can become necessary if you’re watching out for your liver. One problem, though: Half pints are served in tiny little glasses, typically deemed less manly by other hard-drinking bar patrons. A trick the British side of my family taught me: You’re best off pouring your half into your empty pint to help maintain your drinking dignity.

Well, here’s a way to make the half pint cool again. Available on Fun.com, you can purchase a literal half pint: It’s a traditional British pint glass (flared tulip lip and all) that looks like it has been cut in half from top to bottom. The result: From the front it looks like a full-on proper pint, but from the side, you can see it’s only half a glass. As long as you keep your glass facing the right direction, no one will be any wiser to your light-drinking ways. And if they do happen to get a side view, they’ll probably be more interested in talking to you about your crazy glass than judging your tolerance.

This unique Half-Pint Beer Glass is currently selling for $12.99, and for a novelty glass, concepts don’t come much more fun than this. Fill with cask ale for the optimal British experience!

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