By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 23, 2016
© iStockphoto

When opening a new business, the old adage goes “location, location, location.” Oregon land owner Mark Benson believes he has the location; he’s even willing to give the property away for free. He’s just being picky about the business: It has to be a brewpub.

Benson has gained media attention in the city of Sandy, Oregon, after posting a giant sign on a property he owns that reads: “FREE LAND for BREWPUB.” The businessman originally purchased the high-traffic location to open a car dealership, but when that prospect fell through, he decided to try to give away the land—which he says has been appraised for about $2 million—to anyone willing to start brewery there. Plus, they need to have food, you know, for when he gets hungry.

“I'm looking at a convergence of economic development, tourism and jobs,” Benson told Oregon Live about his vision for the project. “Plus, quality beer. The ideal combination, right?”

Though Benson is an admitted beer fan, he said he simply wants to be involved in the building of the brewpub; he’s not looking to get involved in the actual brewing side of the business. “I'm a beer drinker, but I have my limitations,” he said to Oregon Live. “I don't even want an employee discount.”

Sure, that’s what he says now, but just wait until he tries to welch on a $2 million dollar bar tab with the line, “Hey, remember how I gave you guys this property for free?”