Credit: Steve Heap

Back in June, a bottle of wine that cost approximately $6 bottle made international headlines for scoring Platinum Best in Show honors at the Decanter World Wine Awards. The kicker of that story: The wine – La Moneda Reserva Malbec – was available exclusively at Asda, a British supermarket chain owned by Walmart.

The idea that one of the best wines in the world could be bought for under seven dollars exclusively at a Walmart subsidiary really captured people’s imagination. Except there was one problem: La Moneda Reserva Malbec wasn’t actually available at Walmart… not yet. But for wine bargain hunters in the US, that just changed.

This week, Walmart announced that the massive American retailer is going to give La Moneda Reserva a chance across the pond, and the award-winning wine previously only available at Asda in the UK will now also be available at Walmart locations in the US. The Chilean red, which Walmart reminds us “also beat out 16,000 other entries in blind taste tests to win the ‘2015 Best Red Single-Varietal Under £15’ category, scoring 95 out of 100 points” will be available starting immediately “in more than 500 Walmart stores across the U.S. while supplies last.”

Those supplies might not last long. Despite the wine’s recent acclaim, Walmart will still be selling bottles for just $6.96 each – a price equivalent to what La Moneda Reserva was retailing for before the Decanter World Wine Awards even happened. After that event, the Malbec quickly sold out at store across the UK. (It didn’t hurt that it also happened to be on sale at the time for the equivalent of about five and half bucks.) So it’s likely the well-regarded vino could spark a similar shopping frenzy in the US – especially right before the holidays when wine seems to flow more freely than other times of the year.

But the move to bring La Moneda to the States could have other repercussions as well – potentially making it cool to proclaim you bought your wine at Walmart. You might be too fashionable to buy your clothes there, but you’ll let them get you drunk.