It's polite to meet your meat at Terminus.
| Credit: Gene Page / AMC

Looking for the perfect beer to fill the fridge in your apocalypse prepper bunker? Well, you’re odd prayers have finally been answered. Georgia’s Terrapin Beer Company has teamed up with The Walking Dead to create a “Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA.” Just don’t forget the bottle opener – that’s the last thing you want to have to turn back for.

According to a press release from the TV show, the branded beer will be a Red India Pale Ale brewed with blood orange peel. If that isn’t hammering the nail on the head enough for you, they also claim that since the beer is an IPA it will have a “horrific amount of hops.” Because some of us like our beers as frightening as possible.

ABV-wise, the beer clocks in at a sizeable 6.7 percent alcohol, meaning if you drink too many of them, you might end up walking around like a zombie yourself. Remember, even though binge-watching Walking Dead episodes is considered socially-acceptable, binge-drinking the Walking Dead beer is not.