By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 06, 2015
© Samuel Adams

With the craft and big beer industries booming, to create a new style of beer is becoming even more of a challenge. Sam Adams is avoiding that creative hassle by bringing back retired beers. The final four beers in their “Brewer’s Vault” vote competition have been named, allowing beer fans to choose which retired Sam Adams beer will make a brief comeback in 2016.

Not that the Boston-based beer company has any shortage of styles to brew. They list over 80 different beers on the “our beers” section of their website. But apparently a few of those have gone by the wayside over the years.

The vote originally began back in May with 16 beers on the chopping block, featuring recipes dating as far back as 1990—when the brewery launched a Cranberry Lambic. Now Sam Adams has narrowed the finalists down to just four and is asking fans to decide which one they’d like to see “brewed and re-released nationally for a limited time in our January 2016 Samuel Adams Variety Pack.” The final four are Black & Brew Coffee Stout, Black Lager, Hefeweizen and Scotch Ale. Interested parties can vote on the beer brand’s website.

Of course, Sam Adams could just put all four of these beers in their own variety pack, thus instantly solving the voting conundrum, but then how would they be able to move all those other beers that haven’t been retired? Maybe a more fitting vote would have been for Sam Adams fans to decide which beer could finally be done away with for good? Personally, I could probably do without Sam Adams Light.