By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 05, 2015
© picturelibrary / Alamy Stock Photo

The Beer Bike, a huge pedicab capable of pouring pints on the go, has provided a mobile way for people to day-drink for almost 20 years now. And in California, tour companies used the bikes to cart people around cities from San Diego to San Francisco. However, whether or not the hulking bikes were actually legal to use was up for debate. At least until Sunday afternoon. That’s when Governor Jerry Brown signed the Pedicab Bill, which allows the mobile bars to operate on California city streets—at least, it allows them on some streets. According to the bill, the bikes can’t operate on any street with a speed limit above 30 miles per hour and cannot themselves go over 15 miles per hour. So anyone who was hoping for a Tour de Beer up the West Coast is out of luck.

And while the new law does allow for the consumption of alcohol on the bikes (which is good, because, for most people, that is the point of riding them), it requires a sober monitor to be on board at all times.

The hope is that the new rules will make it safe for people to operate the bikes. Or at least as safe as operating a 15-person vehicle with a built-in tap system can be.

But Governor Brown didn’t want to look like he was just out there putting new restrictions on people, so he climbed aboard and took a beer bike out for a spin. Somehow, he looks like he’s done this before.