By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 13, 2014
© Sin City Brewing Company

Hipsters of Las Vegas, rejoice! For the month of November, the city’s Sin City Brewing Company is offering a tier of discounts for patrons, based exclusively on the awesomeness of their moustaches.

In actuality, the promotion is intended to promote Movember, the annual event that encourages guys to grow moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. But in practice, drinkers who sport facial hair year-round already have a leg up on earning their cash off, although some of the required face fittings are pretty substantial.

Discounts range from 10 percent off for those sporting a “Barley Chaplin”—a.k.a. Charlie Chaplin’s toothbrush moustache—to half off if you’re willing to wear a Fu Manchu. The other three discounts are HopPrentice (20 percent), HandleBeers (30 percent) and EinStein (40 percent).

The promotion applies to only your first pint, so don’t think growing a handlebar will save you 30 percent off an entire Vegas trip’s worth of drinking. But it’s still a pretty fun deal, tying together two of the manliest things on Earth: beer and facial hair.

And don’t worry, women can participate, too. Ladies just need to tweet a picture of themselves making “finger ’staches” for 20 percent off. All in all, it’s a much better way to get a cheap drink than losing 200 bucks at the craps table.