By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 05, 2016
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If you’ve found your recent drinking get-togethers have been skewing a bit too classy, the “Upside Down Wine Glass” may be just the nonsense you need. This crazy piece of glassware literally allows you to sip wine through the stem and out the base. It has all of the appearance of a wine glass without any of the benefits of its intended functionality. Hooray?!

“This glass looks exactly like your standard wine glass and it’s only when it is filled with lovely vino that you see its true effects,” the product description flaunts, before suggesting, “Mystify your friends with your magical floating wine tricks and add a fun twist to your next dinner party.”

You know what will be a really fun “twist” at your next dinner party? The one where you’re cleaning your carpet all night because your friend is like, “How does this work?” and then flips your wine glass right-side up and dumps red wine all over your floor. Party time!

Now, many of you out there are far more fun-loving than I am, and I’m sure find this piece of drinking slight of hand pretty cool. Unfortunately, all the press the product has gotten lately means that British retailer RED5 is currently sold out of the $10 glass. However, you can find it on Amazon for the mighty markup of $25.

Remember, enjoy your confusing drinking in moderation.

[h/t Laughing Squid]