By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 25, 2015
© Todd Bennett / Stringer / Getty Images

Beyond turkey and family, Thanksgiving also means football. In the college ranks, the holiday weekend marks the end of the regular season, meaning a lot of teams will be playing their final game of the year.

One of those teams is the University of Central Florida. Currently standing at a terrible 0–10 record, the UFC Knights aren’t contending for any bowl games, but tomorrow they’ll be playing for something far more important: another year of free beer.

Back in September, when the college program started off the season 0–4, a bar near campus called The Basement promised to give away free beer on gamedays until the Knights got their first win. Now, the team is only one loss away from their first winless season since 2004 (shockingly not that long ago), leading the bar to announce that if the team does indeed finish the 2015 season without a win, they will continue the promotion into 2016.

According to Fox35 Orlando, who recently caught up with The Basement, the place has been packed, giving away seven to ten kegs worth of Coors Light per game at a cost of about $1,000. Still, marketing director Jake Whitacre said they’re still making money. “We’re giving away the free beer but we’re also getting a lot of people coming in early, staying late and we’ve got a lot of people ordering our food and our mixed drinks, so we’re getting by,” he said.

UCF plays their final game of the season on Thanksgiving night at 7:30pm against the much better 7–4 South Florida Bulls. Though a win doesn’t seem likely, maybe The Basement, which is open for the game, can hope that most people would rather have dinner with their family than come drink free beer and watch a team try to wrap up a winless season.

But good news, if the Knights do lose, you can always get your free beer next year. The team is set to open the season on September 3. Followed by a September 10 match up against – yikes – Michigan. Sounds like that free beer could keep flowing for quite some time.