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Throughout most of time, commerce worked like this: Sellers made something and then convinced you to buy it. It was a reasonable system for buyers. If they got screwed over, at least they could hold the unsatisfactory product in their hands while complaining. But now a generation has embraced a new method of commerce known as “crowdfunding” that works like this: Sellers convince you to buy something, they take your money, and then they sort it all out later.

Clearly Canadian is a beverage that, as I’ve stated many times before, is near and dear to my heart. But sadly, you can now toss the brand’s reboot into the ever-growing group of botched crowdfunding campaigns alongside Kickstarter headaches like the Coolest Cooler. Even if backers do eventually get their clear sodas – and let me be clear, the company still says everyone will – I think most people would agree that a campaign that announced it was “starting production” in March 2015, but still has filled only about of a third of its preorders is worthy of the “botched” tag.

As I wrote in February of this year, “you probably won’t be getting your Clearly Canadian any time soon.” There’s been a lot of thumb-twiddling time since then, so the good people over at Consumerist decided to check in and see if any progress had been made in the ensuing five months. The answer: Kinda.

Jennifer Black, Clearly Canadian’s “director of energy” provided the details: To date, 9,000 of the total 25,000 cases ordered have been shipped. “We were delayed in shipping all the pre-orders at the beginning of this year because the plant in Vancouver shut down in the middle of our run — we definitely didn’t plan for that,” Black told Consumerist. As for the remaining 16,000 cases, Black says they “will be produced and shipped this August through September.” That would be about a year behind schedule – a long time to wait for a soda.

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So what about those of us with Clearly Canadian nostalgia who weren’t willing to part with our money over a year ago? In a recent Facebook post, the company once again outlined a retail timeline: “With our bottling plants in full gear - the additional incoming 500,000 cases will arrive over late August through October and therewith be available to retailers across North America.”

Though I’m looking forward to drinking one when they’re officially here, let’s just say I’m still not planning ahead to make it the official drink of my vacation to Mars.