Credit: © Johnny Driver, Red Forest Films

Did your last trip to the barcade leave you feeling like your home bar setup was missing something? Yeah, us too. Fortunately, there is a company out there catering specifically to the Venn diagram overlap between people who like drinking and retro nerds. After raising almost $40,000 to make flasks that look like old NES cartridges, the folks from Ink Whiskey have gone one better and developed a whole line of Nintendo barware called, appropriately, the Bartendo line.

Ink Whiskey is running a second Kickstarter campaign which, at the time of this writing is on the verge of success. A donation of $60 will get you every drink accessory your nerdy heart desires, including:

The Warp Pipe Shot Glass

Thanks to an engineering “accident” these replica pipes are actually double shots. You can warp to levels 4,6,7,8 or at the very least, a higher blood alcohol level.

The Kegaman Double Pint

Thanks to yet another engineering mishap this glass actually holds two entire pints. That might be enough to make you think Bubble Man was a cool idea for a video game villain.

Tray Force Ice Cube Tray

The tray will leave your drinks cold, just like Zelda at the end of the game. Spoiler for anyone who didn’t beat Legend of Zelda when they were in third grade: There’s no kiss at the end or anything.

Capper Gun Bottle Opener

You do not have to hold this directly against the TV in order to get it work like it’s supposed to.