Credit: © Lasse Kristensen / Alamy

You know your tea. Your chamomile, your chai, Earl Grey. But have you had Space Tea? No, it’s not tea that’s been to space. Or tea that's intended to be drank in space. It’s tea that purports to smell like space.

According to Inventor Spot, the hot brewed beverage “seeks to evoke…the unique sweet smell spacewalking astronauts have noted upon their return to the International Space Station.” The source of that distinct scent supposedly comes from a compound known as ethyl formate—which astronomers unexpectedly discovered floating around our universe back in 2009.

For those looking to actually drink their tea, Space Tea supposedly offers the flavors of raspberries and rum coaxed from an ingredient list that includes ginger and peppermint flavoring.

Space Tea is sold in Japan (of course). You can buy a tin of 20 bags online for about $18—pricey but still cheaper than actually going to space.

[h/t Eater]