By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 16, 2015
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Could the IPA really be losing its footing as the trendiest beer out there? Judging from the number of hoppy beers on tap at any nice beer bar you walk into, the answer is probably no, but according to the data parsers at Google the biggest trend in beer this year is the salty-sour gose (pronounced gose-uh). Google just released it’s top trending beer searches of 2015 and while the Bud Light Mixxtail occupies the top spot I’m going to go ahead and ignore it since all the malt beverages have in common with beer is that they come in cans and my wife doesn’t like them very much.

Coming in at number two in Google’s trending searches though is gose. According to the number of Google searches, drinkers seem ready to exercise some taste buds that haven’t gotten much of a workout through the great IPA revolution of the 2000s. For those unfamiliar with gose, it’s a German sour style dating back to the Middle Ages. While it was originally made with water from Germany’s Gose River that was naturally a bit saltier than other brewing water, today many brewers are adding salt to the beer after the brewing process is done. If you find the notion of salt in your beer a bit off-putting (I do!) but still want to say you were drinking gose before it was cool, try the Westbrook Gose—it’s a good first step into the style that drinks a little more like non-gose sours. Once you’re ready for a saltier experience try Anderson Valley’s The Kimmie, the Yink and the Holy Gose.

It’s worth noting that gose appears as a “trending” beer, for Google, which does not necessarily make it popular beer. According to Google’s Evan Barbour the results show what brews had the highest spike over a sustained period in 2015 compared to the year before. A look at broader Google search shows that gose is still registering as barely a blip when compared to more traditionally popular beer like IPAs or stouts.

As for the rest of Google’s trending beer list, it’s not quite as adventurous. But congratulations to gose. Today you scored some big points for weird beer styles everywhere.

Google’s Top Trending Beer of 2015

1. Bud Light Mixxtail
2. Gose Beer
3. Grapefruit Beer
4. 805 Beer
5. SweetWater 420
6. Blue Moon
7. Abita Purple Haze
8. Wild Blue Beer
9. Skol
10. Miller High Life