Credit: © SodaStream

Despite our attempts with alternative liquids, the original SodaStream is really meant for one thing: turning your boring, flat water into exciting bubbly water. Sure, you can squirt some flavor in there to make soda, but it is hard to get really creative while sticking to the manual. That's about to change with the company's forthcoming release called The MIX, which will debut next month at Salon Del Mobile in Milan. This new toy will supposedly be able to carbonate any liquid via a range of settings for water, juice and alcohol—so you'll be able to add bubbles where they previously didn't belong.

Beyond a sleek new shell by Yves Behar—one of the world’s most influential industrial designers—the device will also come with Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile app so you can carbonate from almost any room in the house.

Though SodaStream claims to be marketing the machine primarily to bartenders, it will be available for “the sophisticated” home user. So if you consider yourself the sophisticated type, stay tuned for more information about pricing and availability to be revealed during the Salon Del Mobile April 14 to 19. Until then we’ll just keep dreaming about all the things we can add bubbles to.