Credit: © Image Source / Alamy

To hell with all the unfulfilled hype of New Year’s Eve, all the egregious green of St. Patrick’s Day. To hell with Super Bowl Sunday. For my money, the best drinking day of the year has always been Thanksgiving Eve.

Unlike other holidays, the night before Thanksgiving you get all the drunkenness without any of the pomp and circumstance, often spending the night with your best barely-employed high school friends or cousins from states you forgot were still in the Union at some local dive bar that’s used to seeing people drinking on a Wednesday.

But if you need more proof that people love throwing back two or three (or four or five or…you get the idea) before facing their families and going into a turkey-induced coma, the people at Foursquare have pulled the data to prove it. Based on their numbers from last year, the app company found that bar traffic is 62 percent higher on Thanksgiving Eve than on the previous Wednesday and the night “averaged a 58 percent lift in bar visits over surrounding Wednesdays,” according to their blog.

Need help finding a solid bar near you? Click over here to find local drinking establishments based on your location. Personally, I’ll be skipping those fancy places with high ratings in favor of the traditional Thanksgiving Eve dive, but hey, this is a holiday. You do you.