By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 14, 2014
© Vaporpath, Inc.

The crummy, plastic to-go lid is undoubtedly the worst part of any perfectly brewed cup of coffee. You can’t drink out of one without burning your mouth. You can’t even smell the narrow stream of coffee you have to suck out of a tiny hole. And if you go over a bump in your car, whatever squirts out will probably give you terrible burns. Coffee cup lids are, simply put, the worst. But the creators of Viora Lids from Seattle are trying to change all that. Making coffee is an art where precision rules—from the speed of the grind to the temperature of the water—the average to-go lid has always seemed like a lazy cop-out. It’s amazing it has taken this long for a redesign.

Viora has moved the opening and widened it, which they claim will make drinking coffee out of a paper cup more like “the familiar comfort of an open mug on your lips.” That’s a pretty big promise for a coffee cup lid, but if we’re paying $5 for eight ounces of freshly roasted, single-origin Kenyan pour-over, we expect big promises to be made. And kept.

Any occasional coffee burn victims should also know that Viora promises to end spillage as we know it. They have replaced the regular, slightly recessed lid top with a deeper, angled well to catch any coffee expelled from the cup. Based on the video they released of a man violently jerking a Viora-covered cup of coffee, it looks like they have the spillage problem covered.