By Chris Mah
Updated March 05, 2015
Credit: Historical image collection by Bildagentur-online

The mad geniuses behind the infamous The End of History, a 55 percent ABV beer packaged inside taxidermic animals, have done it again. Scotland’s BrewDog has just released a new IPA, but it’s very different from the hop bombs we’ve all grown to love.

The beer is called Restorative Beverage for Invalids & Convalescents, and it’s loosely based on a description of an IPA found in a 19th-century medical textbook, which characterizes the brew as “a most valuable restorative beverage for invalids and convalescents.” In creating the recipe, BrewDog sought to retain a sense of the beer’s historical style while giving it a 21st-century upgrade via a high-tech hop bill. According to the company's release, they ”...set about to create the palest and driest IPA we could, paying tribute to the best old-world IPAs before hopping the hell out of it with the most modern hops and the latest hopping techniques, giving the beer a revivalist, postmodern spin.” They continue: “Screw any semblance of balance. This beer is like injecting hops straight into your tongue with a needle...It is the biggest, baddest, most uplifting IPA we have ever made; a direct link connecting the formative age of India Pale Ale to the hop-led profusions of the modern day.”

With a description like that, who could resist trying this beer the next time they find themselves bedridden? Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents is currently only available on draft in the UK and Sweden, but you can order through Brewdog’s online store.