By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 14, 2015
© Taco Bell Corporation

When Taco Bell started pushing their FourthMeal campaign, their slogan was “You’re out. You’re hungry. You’re doing FourthMeal.” All along, it’s been a not-so-subtle nod to the grand tradition of drunk eating. A more realistic take on that slogan would probably be “You’ve been drinking. You need food to live. You’re doing FourthMeal.” Well, the Bell finally realized they can cut out the middle man and will try to serve alcohol directly to their customers. Great idea, Taco Bell! What took you so long?

A forthcoming Taco Bell location in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago has applied for a liquor license. If the request goes through, it will be the first Taco Bell ever to serve alcohol. According to Eater Chicago, Taco Bell has considered serving alcohol at other locations in the past, but those plans never came to fruition. And, alas, this attempt is not a guarantee, either. Someone over in Chicago’s City Hall may realize that granting Taco Bell a liquor license is opening a Pandora’s box we can never close again.

But for now, we wait. Maybe kill some time by getting a beer at Chipotle or Baja Fresh or Qdoba or one of the many other Mexican chains that figured out long ago that half the reason anyone even goes to get Mexican fast food is because they want a margarita.