By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 11, 2016
Credit: © PeopleImages/Getty Images

With so many coffee shops out there, how do you choose where to go to get your caffeine fix? If you said, “Definitely not based on the hotness of the baristas; that would just be superficial and creepy of me,” then you’re apparently not like a lot of peopoe.

According to a recent survey of coffee drinkers, 20 percent admitted that they factor in the attractiveness of the servers when choosing a coffee shop. And as far as checking out the staff goes, they’re not alone. 58 percent of people said they like to go to coffee shops to “people watch” – so if I’m doing the math right, that means a majority of servers are getting ogled no matter how hot they are.

Interestingly, the top three reasons people gave for returning to a coffee shop were atmosphere, ambience and interaction – three things that certainly can be improved with a hunky staff, and none of which actually speak to the quality of the coffee. Though it is worth nothing that “bad-tasting coffee” was listed by customers as their biggest turn-off, meaning a coffee shop likely will not get very far trying to serve patrons crappy coffee while wearing g-strings (although…).

Of course like all surveys, this one comes with some qualifiers. First, it was funded not by a bunch of coffee experts but by the water filter brand Brita. (“Filter your water before making coffee!” I can practically hear them screaming.) Second, the survey was conducted exclusively in the UK.

Still, lead researcher Eric Laurier of the University of Edinburgh, believes the findings can be helpful for coffee shop owners. “Understanding your customers and how to serve them is at the heart of any successful coffee business,” he was quoted as saying. Exactly. You want to ask yourself, how can I make my coffee shop more friendly people who like to stare at the staff?

[h/t Munchies]