By FWx Editors
Updated March 28, 2014
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With only 60 minutes remaining in the saga of how Ted Mosby met Your Mother, it’s a good time to reflect on how far he, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall have come. It’s also a good time to drink—to celebrate the show and mourn its passing (hopefully we won’t be mourning anyone else’s passing). With that in mind, we give you the HIMYM drinking game. May the acronym live on forever in your Netflix queue.

Take a drink if:

The slap bet somehow continues.

Yes, Marshall has used them all up, but it would be sogood if the hits kept coming.

There is a Ted Mosby girlfriend flashback.

The finale is a full hour. You know there’s going to be one.

Lily calls Marshall “baby.”

Wasn’t cute nine and half years ago, not cute now.

Marshall says the word “judge.”

We get it, bud. We can’t believe you’re a judge either.

Someone says “legend.”

Wait for it…

And then someone says “dary.”

Barney Stinson, we will miss you.

Anyone says “thank you” to Linus.

He’s putting drinks in people’s hands, you’d better have one in yours.

Finish your drink and get another:

When Bob Saget shows up in person.

He must, right? Right?

If we see Ted and the mother get married.

Or what if they never get married? Maybe they just have two kids and then the mother leaves him as a single dad to raise them in a spinoff show called Making It Mosby. Seems as likely as anything.

If Robin and Barney play laser tag on their honeymoon.

Nothing could be more romantic.

Suggested drinks:

Scotch (preferably old enough to order its own Scotch)—the drink of a well-dressed man, or a former Canadian pop star.