By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 18, 2014
© Gari Wyn Williams / Alamy

Sorry, teetotalers. If you’re looking for an immune-system boost, moderate drinking may actually be your best bet—at least in monkeys.

When looking at a group of macaques who were trained to consume alcohol, scientists at Oregon Health & Science University found that those that consumed moderate amounts of alcohol showed an enhanced immune response to a vaccination.

As Dr. Kathy Grant, senior author of the paper, said, “It seems that some of the benefits that we know of from moderate drinking might be related in some way to our immune system being boosted by that alcohol consumption.”

And Ilhem Messaoudi, the paper’s lead author, stated, “For the average person who has, say, a glass of wine with dinner, it does seem in general to improve health and cardiovascular function. And now we can add the immune system to that list.”

Sounds good to me. Now if only someone can teach me how to moderately drink.

[h/t First We Feast]